Meeting Notes: 1/9/19


registration dates and costs

posters and flyers are being made and will be ready by the end of the week.

We have 6 banners that will be distributed throughout Moxee and some in Yakima.



will be held in early march still waiting on scheduled to pin point when it will be.

Field day we are shooting for the last weekend in February or the first weekend of March before tryouts.

Minors play Monday and Wednesday

Majors play Tuesdays and Thursday



will be a two day trail with coaches.


Website updates

they are underway but could take time. Want to clarify things on the website and make it more usable.   



The discount days will be February 23-24 and March 9-10.

talked about what the stores presented to us as an option to get more funding. The idea of having a kids day and to reveal what team they were on at the store. It was decided that it would be to much work for what they were offering.


Field updates and high school

The high school is still stating that they want to propose a plan to lease until they own for the high-school field. So that way they are responsible for the maintenance and care of the field.

We would like to add to the lease proposal that the high-school can use the restrooms for their games but the concession part is not to be accessible to them. To many things are going missing and limiting the key holders to just the people who run it will cut back on that. Dusty will continue to talk to the high school.   


The batting cages are in need of 2 nets that are in bad shape. The cost for the 2 nets is 1009. So we are still looking into other options for the nest and possibly splitting cost with the high-school. 


Field updates

Field 4 was brought up in an option to make it into a full size baseball field. Tricities is making an intermediate league for the boys 11-13. in order for us to create a league like that field 4 would have to be revamped and made into a full size field. The field would need to be tilled up, racked, and rolled so it would be ready for the games. Anyone with tractor availability is asked to come out and help with the  project.  Also the bleachers for field 4 need to be fixed they are leaning and look like they are falling over. Also we need to hold the umpires to their full job description. We will encourage them to watch or  read how to properly put the field to bed.


Third party field use fees

we have a tournament that we allow to come in every year. But this year we are researching how much other fields charge for tournaments and based on the findings we may increase our lease cost. We also want to see how the other leagues charge is it by facility or is it by the number of fields used.


Open positions   

Nick Udell was asked to over players agent but he is thinking it over. The idea of creating a sales manager position was mentioned but not solidified.



Gina agreed to do the stand 2 nights a week so we still need someone to run the stand on the other 2 nights a week. So we are in search of someone to help run it. Also we are working on selling the old bbq due to it age and slow cooking. Once that one is sold we want to buy a new one.  Jeff, Scott, and Bailey have been removed off the credit card to shift funds were they are needed. 



the new jersey for last year were not great so we will be rethinking them for this year. If kids get picked to play on districts team we will need prove of living address or school attendance because they have to be in moxee or terrace heights, Birth certificate and other documentation.



pop and coupon books.