Local Rules for

Coach Pitch Division




  • Games will conclude after 4 innings or 1 1/2 hour time limit.

  • No keeping score.

  • No metal cleats.

  • No leading off, no stealing, no bunting.

  • Coaches must set a high standard for good sportsmanship.

  • Players will play different defensive positions each inning.

  • No player shall sit out for 2 consecutive innings in a game (other than for disciplinary action).



  • Players choosing to demonstrate poor sportsmanship i.e. throwing helmets or bats, etc., will be penalized by sitting out one half-inning.

  • Players who violate this rule a second time during the same game will be removed for the remainder or the game, (but encouraged to stay in the dugout).

  • If a coach is sitting a player out for disciplinary reasons, said coach shall notify parents and EVYB Players’ Agent as to why this action took place.

  • Coaches must use good judgment and exercise restraint as these are young



Warm up

  • Teams must warm up in the outfield before a game. No infield practice.

  • Players cannot play pepper or take batting practice against any fencing.

  • Outfield batting practice is permitted with waffle balls only.



  • Coaches on field for Defense.

  • Only Little League approved Coaches/Manager/Volunteers will be on the field during play.

  • A Little League approved Coach/Volunteer must supervise the dugout.

  • Coaches and Volunteers must wear a League approved I.D. badge with a current year’s background check on file with EVYB.

  • 10 players maximum on Defense.

  • Players will play no more than 2 innings at the same defensive position per game.

  • Last batter- the defense will play until on out is achieved or the ball is dead.




  • Coaches on the field-Offense

  • One Little League approved Coach/Manager pitching (from the dirt area near the pitcher mound) to own team.

  • Only Little League approved base Coaches/Volunteer.

  • A Little League approved Coach/Volunteer must supervise the dugout.

  • No non-playing children are allowed in the dugout or on the field at any time.

  • Coaches and Volunteers must wear a League approved I.D. badge with a current background check on file with EVYB.

  • Half the team’s players will bat each inning.

    (If Minors rules are introduced after the midway point, see below, and 3 outs are achieved, clear the bases. Continue to bat until half the team has batted.)

  • 6 coach pitched balls (encourage a batter to swing the bat) on the 7th pitch, the coach puts the ball on a Tee, a maximum of 3 swings with the Tee. (Total of 9 swings) If no contact is made, the player returns to the dugout and the next batter is up.

  • Only on player in the on deck area with a batting helmet and no bat in hand until time to hit.

  • Runner may advance on a hit ball, but cannot advance on a passed ball, i.e. to the pitcher. One base advancement max on an infield error.

  • Last batter- Defense plays until an "out" is achieved or the ball is returned to the pitcher. Minors Rules insertion: batter does not circle the bases freely after they are called out.


Half way through the season players should be worked into Minors skills including, but not limited to:
  • Batting 3 strikes your are out-called or swinging

  • Three outs in an inning.

  • Coach pitching overhand to baseball and underhand to softball, and with increased velocity.

  • On field coaching assistance removed.

  • Player pitching—PRACTICE ONLY


Prior to game time, Coaches/Managers must agree to which Minors rules will be enforced. 


Before the midway point of the season, you may introduce these rules. Prior to the game, both teams Coaches/Managers must agree to do so. 


REMEMBER: The players are children. Lead by example with their best interests in mind. This is just a game.