Local Rules for

T-Ball Division

Baseball and Softball


  • Weekday time is 6 pm; 4 innings per game.


  • No keeping score, no leading off, no stealing, no bunting, no sliding.


  • No metal cleats.


  • Coaches should be in the field instructing during the game.


  • Only Little League approved Coaches/Manager/Volunteers will be on the field during play.


  • All players play defense.


  • Players will play different defensive positions each inning.


  • Half the team bats each inning.


  • Ball must travel 10 feet.


  • Players will get as many attempts as necessary to put the ball in play.


  • Players will play different defensive positions each inning.


  • 54 ft base paths.


  • Coaches must discipline players for poor sportsmanship, i.e. throwing helmets or bats, etc. Players who violate this rule will be subject to an additional out and will have to sit on the bench for a minimum of at least an inning.Coaches can use their discretion if they feel they need to sit a player for any other disciplinary reasons. If a coach is sitting a player for disciplinary reasons, said coach shall notify parents as to why this action took place.